IO Industries and 8i Establish Partnership, Blazing a Trail for The Future of Volumetric Video

8i/IO Technologies Partnership – Volumetric Video Capture

IO Industries and 8i Establish Partnership, Blazing a Trail for The Future of Volumetric Video

November 16, 2020 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time






IO Industries Inc.

have announced a partnership to build a state-of-the-art volumetric capture stage at IO Industries’ headquarters in London, Ontario, Canada showcasing IO Industries’ new


camera designed specifically for volumetric capture. 8i are industry leaders in volumetric video capture and playback and have been on the cutting edge of volumetric and immersive content since 2014. The new studio is expected to open during Q4 2020.

IO Industries

designs specialized video cameras and associated gear for AR, VR and POV shooting. The cameras are offered with a wide range of image sensors from leading sensor manufacturers including Sony. From single-camera solutions to large, synchronized, multi-camera video recording arrays, IO Industries provides dependable, scalable and operator-friendly equipment that continually pushes the limits of digital video.


, a global technology firm led by CEO, Hayes Mackaman, have developed proprietary software which synthesizes camera data into three-dimensional video capable of being streamed to mobile devices, desktops and headsets. To date, 8i’s technology has been deployed by Fortune 500 companies for consumer AR applications, training simulations, and embraced by the largest telecommunications firms in the world as the future of immersive content.

The market for volumetric and immersive video is growing rapidly with a projected market size of US$6 billion by 2025. Due to its fundamental nature of providing a more engaging human interaction and a deeper emotional experience, volumetric video has generated tremendous interest from executives across all major sectors for entertainment, education and training purposes.

With this partnership, IO Industries and 8i have forged a highly complementary relationship between their hardware and software expertise. The launching of this volumetric studio is another sliver of light peeking over the horizon in what will surely be a bright future for 8i, IO Industries and volumetric video as a whole.

As Hayes Mackaman, CEO of 8i sees it, “The Volucam Replay Camera is another fantastic product from IO Industries and a huge step forward for volumetric video. This partnership creates a powerful alliance between industry leaders and we expect it to yield exciting outcomes for the entire industry.”

According to Andrew Sharpe, President of IO Industries, “IO Industries has seen a growing trend towards the adoption of volumetric video content in immersive applications, and 8i has a solid record of success in this space, so we are thrilled to partner with them and help deliver a new solution to the market.”



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